Water care

ur water care system delivers exceptional performance and is easy to use.  Combining CLEARRAY technology and five stages of filtration, Jacuzzi® makes it simple to maintain clean, clear water in your Jacuzzi® brand hot tub.

The CLEARRAY PRO3TECT system, working in harmony with CLEARRAY UV-C technology, automatically oxidizes impurities in the water.  During the cleaning process, minimal gasses are released, which extends the life of your equipment longer than traditional ozone systems. This genuine Jacuzzi® part is specifically calibrated to work with the filtration system in your hot tub and is available as an upgrade on any new Jacuzzi® spa.

The filtration system, standard on all models, uses UV-C technology to counteract waterborne bacteria and reduce the need for sanitizer. All you have to do is change the bulb once a year.

With the PROCLEAR PLUS system, you’ll always have a crystal clear Jacuzzi®. The system attacks any blockages and buildup in your plumbing, leaving you with clean, sparkling water. Your filtration system will need less maintenance and last longer than the average hot tub. And say goodbye to any chemical odors. Our water management system has a light, relaxing, lavender scent to enhance your Jacuzzi® going experience.